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So what are the benefits of our Hay Feeders and products.....

1. Our feeders allow your horse to be in a more natural feeding position. A natural position allows for an even chewing motion, more saliva, clearer air ways and a more relaxed horse.

2. With the hay being placed into the hay feeder the horse does not need to perform a yanking motion. This results in no tension in the muscles in the horses neck or along their back.

3. Our feeders are made from a fine mesh material. This allows the feeders to be breathable removing the build up of dust and mould. See through, so no scary black hole and flexible allowing the horse to lean on the feeder or attempt to scratch their bottom with nothing breaking. It also allows for you to push the stable feeder back into the corner of the stable so easy to clean.

4.The hay feeders are attached to the tie rings by a hook and loop fastening straps. This allows for the feeder to be strong but still safer for your horse. As they are also just attached by hoop and loop straps this makes them very easy to be removed and cleaned.

5.We now also have mobile hay feeders. These feeders still attach by hook and loop straps but are great if you do not have the option of putting up tie rings in your stable. They are also great for when you are staying away at shows and would still like to keep your horse in a more natural feeding position.

6. No more filling hay nets!

7. All of our Nose Bagz products are handmade to order by a lovely lady in South Wales. This allows you to choose the style and size of the hay feeder but also add a splash of colour to the top strip. You can also have any of the stable products and bags made in your chosen colour.

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